Prisoner Correspondence Project Toronto

Prisoner Correspondence Project Toronto is a small collective that coordinates a penpal program, connecting queer, gay and trans people who are in prisons with queer, gay and trans people on the outside. In addition, we coordinate a resource library (which is currently being revamped). Our collective is made up entirely of queer, gay and trans people, with various intersecting identities including racialized, disabled, survivors, working class, and more. While the Montreal collective has been around for longer, the Toronto chapter has been organizing for around 4 years.

We also aim to make prisoner justice and prisoner solidarity a priority within queer and trans movements on the outside. This is a project for queer, gay and trans communities both on the inside and the outside. Our hope is that people from these communities benefit from the project by:

Feeling less isolated/more connected

Being able to share experiences and support each other

Learning from resources that we provide