Capoeira Feminista

We created Capoeira Feminista in 2005 with street involved and homeless kids and youth in Brazil. We are building on a unique form of decolonizing research methodology and practice focused on healing from an Afro-Indigenous Brazilian and diverse Canadian pedagogies. The program covers street health, harm reduction and community outreach with homeless and street involved people. Our work is collaborative with communities with a history of diverse
challenges including: poverty, homelessness, violence and addictions/mental health.

Capoeira and Hip Hop have themes of sexism, racism, classism,
homophobia, transphobia, violence against women, social and political inequality, systemic oppression, corruptions, abuse of power embedded in the art forms. We aim to challenge and transform our communities through empowering women /girls/fem identifying persons to produce culture, in fem collectives and/or in
solidarity with men, through telling our stories through capoeira songs, rap, breakdance, martial arts, graffiti and visual art and exchange knowledge to effect social change: us for us.