Policy Committee
Any sustainable organization needs good policies to help keep the organization on track. The Policy Committee will be reviewing and making recommendations for policy changes to the OPIRG York Board of Directors, and developing strategies for implementation. Some policies that have been identified for change/to be created
are: Hiring policy, Conflict Resolution policy, and … . We will be using other organizations’ policies for reference, and input from students and community in order to formulate policy changes. This is your opportunity to have input in many of the key elements of OPIRG York, as well as practice your skills in policy analysis and policy development.
Contact: imran@opirgyork.ca
Level of commitment: 1.5 hr meeting every two weeks, and 1 to 3 hours/week developing policy.

Space Management Committee
The functioning of the OPIRG office space is so important in ensuring the successful operation of OPIRG York. The Space Management Committee will create a more accessible and better functioning space for staff, board member, and volunteers.
They will look into making changes to the space to make it more welcoming, while still making clear the responsibilities for everyone in the space. This committee will also ensure that available resources are effectively in use, and so will be coordinating the lending out procedure of OPIRG York books and resources. They
will also be developing procedures to make sure the space is kept clean. In this committee, you’ll have an opportunity to contribute to the use of the Resource Centre budget, contribute to the management of the library.
Contact: imran@opirgyork.ca
Level of commitment: 1.5 hr meeting every week, and 0-3 hours/week taking on tasks.

Events Committee
Programming plays an important role in raising awareness about social and environmental justice issues. Some of the events that can be organized by this committee include: skills and info workshops
throughout the year, book launches, films, panel discussions, speakers, end of term parties and regular fun hangouts (i.e. monthly social events). This committee will also be involved in planning our 25 th year anniversary events and DisOrientation week programming.
Contact: naila.opirgyork@gmail.com
Level of Commitment: 1.5hour planning meeting every week + assisting with events

A successful organization needs to have a solid outreach and
communication plan in order to grow well. This committee will be
involved in creating outreach materials, networking with other
organizations on and off campus, and creating and implementing an
outreach strategy for OPIRG York.
Contact: naila.opirgyork@gmail.com
Level of Commitment: 1.5 hour meeting every two weeks + assisting
with outreach tasks