We need volunteers for the following:

Event Logistics Team:
Well organized? Think on your feet? Wanna watch magic happen?
– Assist Programming Coordinator with event coordination
– Be a go-to person on the day of for workshops
– Participate in OPIRG York events
– Ensure that facilitators for workshops, events or panels have what they need!
– Help set-up and take-down at events!

Promotion/Outreach Team:
Wanna meet people and have lots of energy? This is the team for you!
– Promote and give out OPIRG York programs and information
– Help give class talks to promote events and OPIRG York!
– Poster and leaflet handing out
– Tabling and other creative promotions ideas!
– Social media – facebook, twitter etc.
– Come up with and lead other creative ways to advertise!

Media Documentation Team:
Love Media? Recording? Video? Wanna learn about these things?
– Audio recording events
– Film/Video recordingevents
– Photographing events
– Follow-up from events – sharing all documentation (photos, videos etc) and sharing through web and social media!
– Writing event report backs or articles
*All equipment and training will be provided

Anything Else!!

If you’re interested, please email Naila at: naila.opirgyork@gmail.com.