Community Partners

1. Jane Finch Action Against Poverty

Jane and Finch Action Against Poverty (JFAAP) is a resident-led grassroots coalition of community residents, activists, workers and organizations working to eliminate poverty in our community and in the world.

2. Black Creek Food Justice Network

The Black Creek Food Justice Network is a working group of Black Creek residents and local community organizations working for food security and social justice in our community and beyond.  CONTACT:

The Black Creek Food Justice Network recently released their report, Fighting for Food Justice in the Black Creek Community: Report, Analyses and Steps Forward.  This report was generated through resident led community-based research processes, which sought to respect and highlight the voices of Jane-Finch residents on food justice in the Black Creek Community. Residents shared their time, perspectives, lived experiences and wisdom on difficult topics, including poverty, racism, migration, policing, and mental health. The purpose of this report is to start conversations, to be shared widely, and to further food justice work in its many forms, benefiting the people most impacted by the inequities in the food system. Thus, we ask that anyone who uses this report do so in a way that honors this process, the residents who participated, and the Jane-Finch community. In that spirit, if you use this report to apply for grants or for academic purposes, please consider how you can use the report to further food justice work, mobilizing your resources to work towards our demands. If you have any questions, concerns, or wish to contact us, please email us at


3. Rebels with a Cause Film Festival

Rebels With A Cause is a FREE annual 5-day film festival that showcases artistic reflections of social justice issues and critical documentations of unsung community work.

4. Centre for Women and Trans People @ York

The Centre for Women and Trans People (“The Centre”) is a student-funded, collectively-run, volunteer-driven organization at York University. We are a progressive, pro-choice, anti-racist, queer-positive, trans-positive, feminist organization committed to:

  • breaking the social isolation that women and trans people face on campus through programming, socials and networking events
  • individual and collective empowerment through esteem-building, education & decolonization
  • providing services such as peer-to-peer crisis intervention, peer counselling & referrals from a feminist, anti-oppressive framework
  • acting as a resource base for understanding, exposing and organizing on issues around gender violence and social justice
  • creating working relationships between students and the University administration, where students are directly involved in developing programs and policies that make the campus safer for everyone
  • developing a culture of resistance and celebration by supporting initiatives by local artists

Come drop by the Centre for Women and Trans People at York and participate in one of our working groups! All groups are held at the Centre unless otherwise noted, rm 322 The Student Centre, wheelchair accessible, snacks available, free!